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Hospitality leaders call for ‘tweaks’ to restrictions

Hampton in Edinburgh

Hospitality groups are calling for changes to restrictions (pic: Terry Murden)

Five hospitality groups have set out a list of modifications that the Scottish government could introduce to protect public health and allow businesses to operate.

They have urged the Government to mirror the reopening plans for England as closely as possible, claiming its proposals would save 60,000 jobs and hundreds of businesses.

It is based on research by BiGGAR Economics which was published in December when the groups made a similar call for ‘tweaks’ to the restrictions.

It was commissioned by the Scottish Hospitality Group, UK Hospitality Scotland, Scottish Licensed Trade Association, Night Time Industries Association and the Scottish Beer & Pub Association.

Changes requested to level 3, if the government does not move to a more simplified reopening strategy, are: 


  • Alcohol served only with a meal 
  • Last entry at 8.30pm 
  • Two-hour time slots 
  • Closing at 10.30 
  • Seated consumption only 
  • No queuing


  •  Alcohol permitted 
  • Last entry at 9.30 
  • Closing at 11.30 
  • Seated consumption only 
  • No queuing

Graeme Blackett, director of BiGGAR Economics, said: “This study highlights the severe negative economic impact that the Covid-19 lockdown has had on the hospitality sector, the businesses and people who work in the sector itself, and in the supply chain.

“It also demonstrates that the changes to the restrictions in the level system that the hospitality sector has proposed, can place the hospitality sector and the wider food and drink supply chain in a much stronger position.”

The BBC has published details of the group’s request having claimed it had “seen” the document, though it was sent to all media under embargo for Monday. Daily Business has therefore chosen to publish.

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