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Growth strategist launches web-based advice

Craig Alexander Rattray

Craig Alexander Rattray: positive response

Growth strategist Craig Alexander Rattray has launched a new website in response to a surge in demand from business owners seeking advice on cash flow during lockdown.

The Glasgow businessman specialises in helping owners develop their businesses and enhancing shareholder value.

Since the pandemic struck, strategic financial management has been a key focus for Mr Rattray as he worked with numerous companies to help them navigate their way through the last 12 months.

His recently published book “Mastering Cash Flow for Business Owners” has proved hugely popular, with the revamped website a direct result of the increase in requests for his expertise.

“I’ve been really pleased with the response to the book and to be honest that is what prompted me to look at the website,” said Mr Rattray, whose site also features 30 case studies reflecting details of work done on specific roles and projects.

“I’m very happy with it and hopefully it provides a useful point of reference for business owners in these tough times.

“Banks are tightening their lending criteria on the back of increased debt burdens of companies, as a result of Covid, taking out government-backed loans, deferral of HM Revenue and Custom obligations, and a change in the preference of HMRC debts on insolvency. 

“It all means businesses need to have a great focus on quality financial management and understanding the cash position going forward. Many business owners do not fully understand finance and financial matters whether that is accounts, forecasts, cash, banks or investors.

“Business owners, though, do seem to be recognising the importance of strategic financial management, and development and implementation of effective growth and exit strategies.

“Our niche is working with excellent operational teams who understand their industry, and their products and services, but are less experienced in strategy and strategic finance.”

Craig Alexander Rattray’s column on issues affecting owner managers appears on alternate Mondays and his Cash Flow Tips appear every Thursday


Craig Alexander Rattray

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