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Developer unveils chicken factory jobs pledge

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A developer has unveiled a £65 million plan to upgrade a chicken factory as part of a condition for relocating a poultry farm to make way for a huge housing development.

Developer Amber Real Estate Investment has lodged proposals for a massive upgrade of the Two Sisters plant at Coupar Angus.

The move could create about 700 full-time posts, in addition to the existing workforce of 1,100.

The project forms part of an ambitious Scottish vision for Amber, realised in part through the proposed delivery of Drumshoreland Garden Community on the site of the company’s poultry farm complex at Clapperton in West Lothian.  This will include about 1,800 homes.

A combination of the Drumshoreland development and other investment across Scotland in the agriculture, food and tourism sectors could see the potential for £425m (£275m for Drumshoreland and £150m across the rest of Scotland) being invested, supporting 5,750 jobs.

One Comment to Developer unveils chicken factory jobs pledge

  1. There will be few new jobs by moving some processing from one plant in West Lothian to one in Perthshire. It’s principally about building lots and lots of houses. There’s no new industry out of this. Yes the new shops will generate some trade, but mostly by displacing it from some other area. Hope the new houses are better than the bland identikit efforts that seem to be cropping up everywhere else.

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