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Sturgeon accused of ‘copying Tories’ on quarantine

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Travellers will have to quarantine from today

A union leader has criticised First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for “waiting to follow the Tories’ lead” on quarantine rather than making the call sooner.

The new rules which come into place from today require travellers to quarantine in a hotel for ten days at a personal cost of £1,750 per person to cover the cost of accommodation, transport and testing.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said: “The SNP always say that they want Scotland to set its own rules and make its own decisions, but the truth is they just end up waiting to follow the Tories’ lead.

“Nicola Sturgeon has had the capability to set Scotland’s quarantine rules since last March – and we’ve seen that she was happy to do that when it came to closing the border with England.

“But when it comes to making decisions that might hurt her popularity like forcing people to quarantine in a hotel all she does is copy the Tories.

“Australia has had hotel quarantine rules in place since March 2020, and have successfully kept down infection rates as a result. Only 909 people have died in the country since the pandemic began.

“Yet the SNP have waited until now to bring similar rules in, and 8,726 people in Scotland have sadly died as a result.

“Nicola Sturgeon has never been shy of using the Scottish government’s response Coronavirus as a weapon in her campaign for independence. The truth is that she and her lackeys in the SNP lack the guts to make the hard decisions needed to protect Scottish people from this dreadful virus.”

The SNP government says it has introduced tougher rules than the Westminster government whose restrictions apply only to 33 countries on its ‘red list’, which includes Portugal, Brazil and South Africa.

All travellers arriving into Scotland from abroad by air now have to go into quarantine hotels.

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The first travellers into Scotland to be forced into quarantine will arrive in Edinburgh on Monday morning on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul.

Six hotels close to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports with a combined capacity of 1,300 rooms will be used to implement the quarantine.

The Scottish Government said it will create an aviation working group to address the issues the sector is facing.

People travelling from red list countries to Wales and Northern Ireland will be required to book and pay for quarantine in England, as neither destination has any direct international flights.

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