Mass transit plans

Ministers unveil first phase of transport blueprint

Edinburgh tram line

There are proposals to further extend the Edinburgh tram system (pic: Terry Murden)

Long term plans to expand Edinburgh’s tram system and establish a “metro” network in Glasgow are being drawn up by government ministers.

They are included in the transport investment priorities for the next 20 years and would build on previously considered projects, including the re-instatement of disused rail lines.

Glasgow has looked to connect with surrounding areas including Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire with a variety of rapid transit systems. There has long-been a plan to link the city with the airport.

Conversion of the Cathcart Circle line on the south side of the city for use by trams was suggested in a previous study to free up space at Glasgow Central station.

With phase two of the tram line under way in Edinburgh the city council is already looking to expand into other areas, notably into the south side which is not currently served by the tram.

Other new routes in the capital may include an extension to Granton and across the Forth into Fife, while the re-opening the south suburban rail line is also being considered.

Transport Scotland’s strategic transport projects review proposes doubling the amount spent on bridge and road maintenance across the country.

Projects include the redevelopment of Inverness and Perth rail stations.

There are plans to expand 20mph zones, reallocate road space for buses and improve accessibility at train stations.

Moves to enable larger loads to be carried by the railway network would encourage more freight to shift from road to rail.

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