Mackie’s profits as home workers seek lockdown lift

Mac Mackie

Mac Mackie: stellar results

Lockdown has given a boost to snack food brand Mackie’s of Scotland as stay at home workers sought a pick-me-up to get them through the first wave of the pandemic.

Revenue increased 1% to £16.7m and operating profits rose 61% to £3.4m in the year to the end of May, which included several weeks of the first lockdown.

Chocolate sales increased by 46% after recipe refinements helped secure further supermarket listings.

Mac Mackie, managing director and one of three sibling owners, said: “These stellar results are made all the more impressive when we consider that we were “competing” against the previous financial year, which accounted for the record heatwave summer of 2018. 

“We broke all our own records then – and thought it would be very difficult to match that in the following year. 

“With the first lockdown period in March, and the last quarter of the financial year, we initially witnessed a panic buying rush as the public filled freezers and baskets with staples – and not ice cream.

“For a few weeks, demand for take-home tubs of ice cream fell and our food service accounts sadly ground to a near halt, including temporary closure of our own 19.2 parlour in Aberdeen. 

“However, we are very fortunate that ice cream sales quickly recovered, with increased demand as consumers seek a little luxury or pick me up treat while in lockdown at home.” 

The Aberdeenshire brand has had a strong start to 2021, with a recent study from Kantar Worldpanel showing that UK demand for premium ice cream has surged during the last year, with Mackie’s experiencing a 37% growth in sales, second only to one other premium brand.

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