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Lord Frost to join Cabinet in UK-EU trade role

David Frost with John Swinney

Lord Frost during his time at the SWA in talks with John Swinney (pic: Terry Murden)

Lord Frost, the UK’s Brexit trade negotiator, is to join the Cabinet as a trade minister and will play a continuing role in developing the UK-EU relationship.

The former chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association will become a minister at the Cabinet Office and full member of the Cabinet next month,.

He had been due to become the UK’s new national security adviser earlier this month, but was replaced days before he was due to start.

He will report to Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove whom he will replace as UK chairman of a separate committee in charge of implementing the Brexit divorce agreement.

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Mr Gove will retain his seat at the cabinet table, continuing to hold the title Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

He has been given the task of tackling the post-Covid backlog in public services, including the courts, the NHS, schools and universities.

Lord (David) Frost said Mr Gove did an “extraordinary job for this country” in talks with the EU over the past year.

Lord Frost will head talks with the EU over border tensions in Northern Ireland.

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