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Inventors focus on glasses giving cyclists a rear view

Eyes on the prize: the glasses offer extra safety

An Olympic gold medal winner and a physicist are ready to take their “rear view” cycling glasses to market.

Edinburgh-based Callum Skinner – who won cycling gold and silver in Rio – and physicist Alex Macdonald developed the specs with optical engineer Bob Henderson after their company, HindSight, raised £100,000 on Kickstarter.

The glasses allow cyclists to see forwards and backwards by shifting focus rather turning their heads.

They hope they will appeal to cyclists looking for added safety.

Mr Skinner, originally from Glasgow, said: “As a passionate cyclist, I’m acutely aware of the importance of road safety.”

Former European inventor of the year, Mr Macdonald, came up with the concept from looking at a car wing mirror during a cycle ride.

“If all cars need rear mirrors to be considered safe, why don’t cyclists have any good options?” he said. 

The glasses won a series of entrepreneurial development awards in 2020 including the Scottish Edge Award.

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