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SNP unveils indyref plan ‘beyond legal challenge’

Scottish independence march in Edinburgh

SNP supporters will hear about the new plan (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish government constitution spokesman Michael Russell is to set out the route to holding another referendum on independence that is “legally beyond challenge”.

Mr Russell’s “road map”, an 11-point document, will be presented to 1,000 delegates who have signed up to the party’s online policy forum on Sunday.

The Scottish government has already said that a bill giving the people of Scotland the right to choose their own future, would be published before the Holyrood election in May 2021 and would be enacted if an SNP is re-elected with a majority.

The Government continues to maintain that a referendum “must be beyond legal challenge” to ensure legitimacy and acceptance at home and abroad.

“This is the surest way by far of becoming an independent country,” says the document.

“It should be held after the pandemic, at a time to be decided by the democratically elected Scottish Parliament. The SNP believes that should be in the early part of the new term.

“An SNP government would again request a Section 30 order from the UK Government believing and publicly contending that in such circumstances there could be no moral or democratic justification for denying that request.”

The document states that any attempt by the UK government to oppose the plan for a referendum would be “vigorously opposed by an SNP Scottish Government.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated his opposition to a second independence referendum.

A new poll has shown 52% of people in Scotland support Scottish independence, the 20th in a row that is above 50%.

The poll by Panelbase also found a majority of people in Scotland want a referendum on Scottish independence to be held in the next parliamentary term at Holyrood, with 50% in favour of one in the next five years.

Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour’s constitutional spokesperson and leadership candidate, said: “The next parliament must be a Covid Recovery Parliament that prioritises people’s jobs and our NHS, not another referendum.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “This plan tells you everything you need to know about the nationalists: they don’t care about the Covid recovery; they just want to create more division.”

The Road to a Referendum document attached here 

5 Comments to SNP unveils indyref plan ‘beyond legal challenge’

  1. The SNP polls to SNP supporters are not the voices of Scotland. I know no one who has been asked to complete one of these polls. I equally know very few SNP supporters and those I do are starting to see the SNP and their plan for what it is. Nicola Sturgeon, Ian Blackford and the girl who is unable to use a calculator all need sacked. Close Holyrood and stop the bitter divide within a nation and a union.

  2. There will be no Indy 2 as their lead in the polls is illusonary .The Salmond scandal and their poor handling of the roll out will count against them . Labour may win ba ck parts of Glasgow .

  3. Who conducts these ‘polls’? Where in Scotland are they conducted and how many people are questioned? I’ve never been asked, ever, on this subject and neither has anyone else I know.

  4. It is for the people of Scotland to decide their own future, when they vote to do so and not for an another country in this supposed Union to continue to say No to our leaving.

    • Fair enough, but at the moment it is this “supposed union” which is providing the financial support for the Covid measures that an independent Scotland could only raise with very high borrowing costs (because of its weak credit rating), which in turn would push up taxes or require substantial cuts in public services.

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