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iOpt gets call to support BT’s net zero campaign

iOpt will work with councils

BT has chosen Glasgow tech start-up iOpt to develop joint products and services aimed at helping its public sector customers reach ‘net zero’ climate targets.

iOpt will work with local councils across the UK in the adoption of environmental monitoring and smart building solutions.

The firm’s IoT platform provides real-time information and alerts on the condition of properties. Installed sensors will enable key information such as damp, mould, and fuel poverty to be collated and tracked. 

BT will provide the network connectivity and manage the installation of the IoT sensors, while supporting iOpt in growing its customer base

iOpt is one of two start–up companies BT has selected to develop ideas via its Green Tech Innovation Platform announced last year.

The other is Everimpact, a Paris-based start-up specialising in climate monitoring.

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