Digital services grow

Infinity Works adds 25 jobs as Covid spurs demand

Pete Cotton: 25 jobs planned

Digital transformation consultancy, Infinity Works, is doubling its workforce as the Covid pandemic accelerates demand for its services.

In the two years since setting up, the Edinburgh firm has worked with a number of high profile brands, including major players in the financial services sector.

It is currently enjoying a surge in demand and is recruiting at least 25 mobile engineers, service designers, analysts and delivery leads.

Pete Cotton, director, said: “We’ve been impressed with the quality of technical talent in Edinburgh and are looking forward to expanding the services we can offer to our customers.

“Coronavirus has acted as a catalyst to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and business consulting will have a critical role to play in the UK’s economic recovery.” 

Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO of ScotlandIS, said: “Covid-19 has increased the pace of digital transformation across the business landscape with digital underpinning everything and proving critical to our economy.”

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