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Bruichladdich gets taste for hydrogen fuel

Allan Logan: ‘hydrogen offers real potential’

A whisky distillery is looking to use hydrogen to fuel its operations and reduce its carbon footprint.

Bruichladdich, based on Islay, has engaged Protium Green Solutions to undertake a feasibility study into hydrogen combustion technology.

The distillery aims to decarbonise its production process by 2025 and studies into alternative green energy solutions have been under way for some time.

Now it is exploring the opportunity to be an industry leader in hydrogen power.

Allan Logan, operations and production director at the distillery, said: “At Bruichladdich Distillery, we understand that there is real potential for a hydrogen‐based solution to decarbonise our industry.”

Hydrogen presents a significant opportunity for the whisky industry and Islay itself, which currently uses fuel oil to meet its heating demand.

Because of the remote location of many distilleries, its implementation is a critical step forward in enabling producers to work towards net zero and in ensuring their operations can benefit from on‐site power sources that are otherwise hindered by grid limitations.

The £70,000 feasibility project, named HyLaddie, has been funded by the Small Business Research Initiative Green Distilleries Competition and is expected to complete in the spring.

The project follows a series of significant funding announcements from the UK Government, whose economic plans continue to support hydrogen projects.

Alongside a dedicated hydrogen strategy, £100 billion has been earmarked for spending across the UK with some likely to be awarded to green hydrogen and other clean tech projects.

Additionally, in March 2020 the Government announced a £10m fund as a scheme established to help distillery businesses convert to more sustainable energy sources, which seeks to “kick‐start green innovation” and supports UK distilleries in switching to greener energy sources such as low-carbon hydrogen, biomass and repurposed waste.

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