Chamber boss speaks out

Sturgeon ‘guilty of decline in relationship with business’

Stuart Patrick

Stuart Patrick: the business community are concerned (pic: Terry Murden)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to arrest a growing deterioration in the relationship between her government and the business community.

Stuart Patrick, chief executive of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, accused the Holyrood government of lecturing businesses on fair work and the green economy, “as if the business community are a bunch of naughty schoolchildren.”

Mr Patrick said the tone of the relationship during the pandemic has seen a decline in the government’s trust in business and a growing suspicion of making a profit.

“A lot of the business community are concerned the Scottish Government doesn’t trust the business community. That attitude is reaching a level of being reciprocated,” he said in an interview.


“There is a raw anger at times with the way business perspectives are dismissed in the debate in Scotland.”

Mr Patrick replied there had been “significant” change in the attitude of business towards the Holyrood government.

He told The Herald that the current relationship between business and the Scottish Government “cannot be where we want to be if we want to create a partnership to build the economy.”

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