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New fishing offer raises hopes of Brexit deal

Fishermen could get an eleventh hour deal

Brussels and the UK were said to have be considering a new compromise on fishing last night in order to seal a Brexit deal.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier may be willing to soften his original insistence of a 15% cut in the EU’s quota of fish in British waters, phased in over ten years after the UK offered to compromise on 35%, far short of its demand for a 60% reduction. Future disputes would be settled by independent arbitration.

The UK has demanded the EU accept a five-year transition to the new arrangement rather than seven, according to reports. The EU had initially called for 10 years to adjust whereas the UK had proposed three.

The talks are now continuing against the growing Covid crisis and a 48 hour ban on UK goods entering France.

6 Comments to New fishing offer raises hopes of Brexit deal

  1. France has always been after our fishing rights they want everything .it will kill what bit of our fishermen have now,
    It’s a pittance of what’s left for our fishermen DONT GIVE INTO them .
    Grow a backbone Boris,don’t do a Blair.

  2. There is no such thing now we have left as the EU having ”Fishing Rights” in another country’s waters. The waters are British and anyone , rpt anyone who wishes to fish simply requests an annual quota/price to do so.You do not demand a majority of the resource at a price you decide to any seller of any commodity, that is not business that is thuggery.

  3. Your Brexit sovereignty fetish won’t pay the mortgage or put food on the table. Time to wake up, this is the 21st century not the 19th.

  4. No sellout on fishing it’s the reason many voted to leave so we get our seas back and stop foreigners devastating our fish stocks

  5. We will be an independent coastal nation??

    We will be in charge of our laws, our rules and our waters??


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