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Jack says SNP will pay price for opposing Brexit deal

Alister Jack

Alister Jack: ‘deal delivers for all’

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has urged Scotland’s MPs to get behind the Brexit deal, insisting it will deliver for all parts of the UK.

Mr Jack disputed claims being made by the SNP that it will be damaging for Scotland’s economy.

“For our fishermen and coastal communities, the deal delivers what we promised,” he said.

“We are regaining control of our waters, we are restoring our status as an independent coastal state and, even during the five-year adjustment period, there will be a big overall increase in our share of the catch in our waters.

“As we leave the Common Fisheries Policy, our fishermen will also enjoy near-exclusive access to inshore waters up to the historic 12-mile limit.”

He declared: “The deal is good news for Scotland and I believe it is now time to move on from the Brexit debate and join forces in embracing our exciting future.

Ian Blackford Commons

Ian Blackford: ‘disaster’

“Whether Leaver or Remainer in 2016 we need to come to together to make the most of our new opportunities.

“The people of Scotland will expect their MPs to do the right thing on Wednesday and vote for the deal.

“They will not easily forgive those who reject this Free Trade Agreement or throw their weight behind a no-deal Brexit.”

His call came as SNP MPs said they intend to vote against the Brexit deal when it comes before the Commons on Wednesday, insisting that it is a “disaster for Scotland”.

Despite the UK government avoiding a No Deal departure from the EU, the nationalists continue to claim the agreement represents a “hard Brexit”.

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