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IT outsourcer 2e-volve opts for employee ownership

2e-volve serves clients from central Scotland

An IT outsourcing company has opted for an employee ownership trust to secure the long-term future of the staff.

Stirling-based 2e-volve was founded 20 years ago by Craig Lemmon and is now a 10-strong team of whom four have served for more than 14 years.

Mr Lemmon said: “One of the first things I did when I started 2e-volve was to seek out brilliant people who are frankly better than me at the technical side of things.

“From there I’ve made sure that we look after our people and they are empowered to look after the business.

“These individuals have been very loyal to me over the years and I wanted to repay that loyalty by making them owners.” 

He first explored employee ownership three years ago amid a spate of approaches from similar sized firms.

He said he did not want to sell the business “because it would have thrown our people and clients into uncertainty.

“This option means they have the reins and with my input for the years ahead, they can take the business where they want to.”

Mr Lemmon, 60, will step back into a more advisory role as well as taking on more business development, with a view to retiring fully when he reaches 65.

He also founded Miigen, a platform that allows older adults to build “a life raft” of voice enhanced memories, saved as digital time capsules, to use as memory triggers in later life and for sharing with family.

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