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Digital advertising faces ‘worrying’ skills gap


Scott Beveridge and Gordon Campbell

Digital advertising company boss Gordon Campbell has warned of a “worrying” skills gap in the sector.

Mr Campbell, co-founder of Glasgow-based ClickBoost, has just appointed Natasha Walker, pictured below, from Equator as Head of PPC.

But he said finding the right person for the role had not been easy.

“There’s a lot of generalists out there claiming that they know how to do digital advertising, but all they know are the basics,” said Mr Campbell, who set up the business with Scott Beveridge. “It took us months before we managed to get someone of Natasha’s expertise.

“This skills gap is worrying from an industry perspective because there’s a lot of clients in Scotland wanting to use digital ads effectively – and the ROI is there to show them that it works.

Natasha Walker

“But if a business can’t find the right people with the right skills it can lead to poor results which is bad for clients, bad for the customers and bad for the industry because they’ll think that digital advertising doesn’t  work and may dismiss it in future and these days online visibility can be the difference between staying in business and closing.”

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