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Colour changing labels help keep masks safe for use

Emma Stirling, Product Development Scientist at Insignia

Technology that alerts users to the need to replace their face mask has been unveiled by a Scottish smart packaging company.

A smart label changes colour to indicate when a disposable mask has reached the end of its recommended lifespan or when a re-usable mask requires to be changed.

The label, designed by Insignia Technologies at BioCity Scotland, aims to encourage safer mask practice and reassure the public.

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine recommends between four and six hours as the safe period for wearing a mask.

Insignia Technologies’ has adapted the smart labels for face masks from those it supplies to the food and drink sector to reduce food waste sent to landfill. It uses smart pigment technology to change colour over time to show how long a packet of food has been open.

Dr Graham Skinner, product development manager at Insignia Technologies, said: “We modified our labels so that they fit the recommended time frames given for effective mask use.

“The label sits on the outside of the face mask and changes colour to indicate when the end of the recommended time has been reached, providing an easy to use visual reminder and marker of reassurance.”

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