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Cash payouts due as LV= sells to US firm Bain Capital


The insurer is Bain’s second UK acquisition in the sector

About 1.3million members LV= will receive a cash payout after the company agreed to sell its savings & retirement and protection businesses to an American private equity firm.

The £530 million deal with Bain capital will see the insurer, previously known as Liverpool Victoria, drop its status as a mutual.

It follows the £1.1 billion sale of LV=’s general insurance business to Allianz of Germany last year.

Mark Hartigan, chief executive of LV=, said all of its members would receive a payment to compensate for the loss of ownership, though the precise payout is not yet known.

Under the proposal LV=’s with-profits business will be ring-fenced in a separate fund and closed to new business. 

The capital available for distribution is expected to increase by up to 40% as a result of the transaction and will be used to increase payments to 340,000 with-profits members as their policies mature. Their long-term interests will continue to be protected by an experienced with-profits committee.

The acquisition is expected to complete by the end of 2021.


Alan Cook, chairman of LV=, commented : “As a newly standalone life and pensions business in an increasingly competitive market, the board recognised that LV= required significant long-term investment to be sustainable.

“This transaction is the culmination of an extremely thorough and robust strategic review followed by a structured sale process to secure the best long-term future for our members, employees, other stakeholders and the business.

“The board is delighted to have secured an attractive price and unanimously agreed that the transaction with Bain Capital presents an excellent financial outcome for all our members, as well as offering an unrivalled commitment to LV=’s future prospects, business and people. We look forward to engaging fully with our members in advance of a member vote in the first half of 2021.”

The life insurer said it had completed an in-depth ‘strategic review’ before deciding to sell itself to Bain Capital, after receiving 12 formal bids from other businesses, including Royal London.

The deal marks a further foray into the UK’s insurance market for Bain capital which acquired Esure two years ago. 

8 Comments to Cash payouts due as LV= sells to US firm Bain Capital

  1. Having now received the Bain 50-page brochure where it states that some will receive maybe £60.00, some might see £100.00, and some nothing it seems strange to me that the board rejected a higher offer first; now have looked toward some £530million which should be paid to all members! I am not in favour after some 40 years of investing in L V

  2. How much longer is this going to drag on? Should I still be paying for Life Insurance, we need to be treated with respect as a customer for over 15 years.

  3. I agree its not worth giving up the savings for a pittance at least Aviva have said they will pay back 2£billion take note Bain, w e have saved for many years its well past the time to be honest with all members

  4. CAUTION: DO UR DUE DILLIGENCE.Our Pension Fund,(LV)is(at present)a Mutual Fund, ie Owned by its Mmmbers.How is it RIGHT that L.V.’s Directors can SELL OUR FUND without 1st AGREEING a PRICE with US? (It is OUR FUTURE they’re selling).Royal London and others made offers but were ignored. A PENSIONS Co Based in the UK would be a preferred BUYER. Our Security is at Stake!

  5. I can’t see the members agreeing to this. LV will need to be more transparent in the benefits to members before it gets the nod.

    • I want to know the same, i would guess about 20 quid between 1.5 million of us. 😉
      Being serious, If (and this is a big if) they converted EVERY single penny of the sale income into equal shares for all 1.3 million members the best you will get it 405 quid. There will be those that get more and those that get far less, so you are looking at a pittance depending on when you joined them and for what products.

    • It will cost Liverpool & Victoria Mutual (LV=) very dearly; it will cost the livelihood of LV= employees – eventually.

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