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Airport switches to cargo to tackle passenger slump

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport has seen a dramatic fall in passengers (pic: Terry Murden)

Edinburgh Airport is shifting its focus on to the cargo sector to help make up for the loss of passenger business.

The airport has appointed a dedicated cargo business development manager and will be accelerating plans to enhance its current freight facilities

It is hoping to take advantage of a growth in online ordering during the pandemic which has seen more letters and parcels arrive by air. There has also been an increase in the transport of medical supplies.

The airport is among the commercial operations worst hit by the pandemic, with passenger traffic down by 95% on last year.

Conan Busby will join the airport in the new role after spending 15 years with MAG (Manchester Airports Group) where he was a key figure in supporting and growing the UK’s largest cargo-only operations at East Midlands and Stansted.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport said: “We are home to one of the UK’s largest air mail operations with millions of letters and packages leaving the airport every year, and that number has grown during the pandemic as more people have resorted to online shopping and emergency supplies have been transported across the country.

Gordon Dewar

Gordon Dewar: area of growth (pic: Terry Murden)

“We see this area as one of potential growth and we know Conan can help us build our network, something that will benefit businesses who import and export goods. It will also benefit passengers as airlines are often looking at cargo opportunities to strengthen the viability and success of the route.”

Mr Busby added: “I know the airport is looking to make air cargo a more fundamental part of the business and I’m excited to play a significant role in growing and strengthening our network.

“We are starting from quite a strong base but there is clear potential for further growth and I’ve already started to make connections with various businesses in and around Edinburgh.

“We want to expand into and help any industry and sector that we can, and I would encourage anyone looking to work with Edinburgh Airport to get in touch so we can discuss further.”

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