'Grievance' claim

Tories say Fraser of Allander proves SNP ‘hoarding’ cash

Murdo Fraser

Murdo Fraser: ‘classic nationalist grievances’ (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish Government ministers have been accused of “hoarding” around £1 billion of funding from the UK Government.

The Scottish Conservatives say analysis by the Fraser of Allander Institute points to the funding for the 2020/21 financial year being uncommitted.

The Tories say it shows that the SNP’s regular funding disputes are “classic nationalist grievances” with “no substance.”

They also highlighted the lack of “transparency” over where the extra £8.2 billion in UK Government Barnett Consequentials have been spent.

The Institute questions SNP claims that they need to wait on UK Government announcements to make their own decisions are nonsense.

It states: “the Scottish Government did not need to wait for the UK Government to make policy announcements for England before it decided how and when to provide support in Scotland.”

Scottish Conservative finance spokesman, Murdo Fraser said: “The Fraser of Allander Institute have confirmed what the Scottish Conservatives have said for months now about the SNP’s relentless grievance agenda. 

“The SNP Government has the funding from the UK Government, they’re not spending a mountain of it, and they’re not telling us where the money they have spent has gone.

“The SNP’s regular attempts to provoke funding disputes throughout this pandemic have been exposed as classic nationalist grievances.

“Expert analysis shows that the SNP’s claims have no substance. It’s pure nonsense that they don’t have enough money.

“They are hoarding funding from the UK Government and, in the middle of a pandemic, they’re playing shameless political games to try and drive support for independence.”

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