MSP leaves shadow cabinet

Mundell quits Tory front bench over travel policy

Oliver Mundell: could not back travel restriction

Scottish Conservatives’ rural economy and tourism spokesman Oliver Mundell has resigned from the party’s front bench as he could not share its support for the latest coronavirus travel restrictions.

Mr Mundell told party leader Douglas Ross he was unable to support the measures because of the impact the restrictions on cross-border movement with England would have on communities in his Dumfriesshire constituency.

Crossing the Scottish border will be illegal under sweeping new Covid restrictions which critics have described as ‘deeply flawed’.

As of 6pm on Friday, entering or leaving Scotland without a reasonable excuse is banned and anyone caught doing so could be slapped with a £60 fine.

People living within Level Three or Level Four lockdown areas –  which includes vast swathes of central Scotland – are also not permitted to leave their area.


Explaining his decision to leave the Tory front bench, Mr Mundell said: “On this occasion it was sadly not possible to balance the very specific needs of my constituents with the need to take a collective view as a party that works for the whole country.

“I understand the difficult position that puts colleagues in and I have therefore regrettably offered Douglas Ross my resignation as a party spokesperson. I continue to fully support him and the party.”

Mr Ross said: “Oliver always puts the needs of his constituents first and while I’m very disappointed to see him leave the Shadow Cabinet, I appreciate that he is only doing what he feels is best for his local area.

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  1. What a strange article which fails to recognise that there is a global pandemic going on and that there are restrictions in place across the globe particularly where governments are seeking to protect their citizens. Richard Leonard got exposed for ambulance chasing and went on an illogical rant at fmq’s.

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