PM supports devolution

Johnson says SNP’s record ‘abysmal’ and calls for unity

Boris Johnson speaking to the Tory conference today

Boris Johnson today dismissed claims that he had described devolution as a disaster and said his comments were aimed at the SNP’s handling of it.

The Prime Minister said there was “no room for division” and appealed for the two governments to work together to ensure devolution worked for Scotland.

Speaking to the Scottish Conservative conference via a virtual link, he said: “I know my comments on devolution have been widely reported this past week, but since no press were in the room, I’ll tell it to you straight: the way the SNP have handled devolution in Scotland has been a disaster – from plummeting education standards, low business confidence and the lowest satisfaction in public services ever – their record is abysmal.

“The key is to have policies to show how devolution can work for Scotland, rather than the SNP obsession with making devolution work against the rest of the UK.

“However, just because I criticise devolved performance, does not mean I want to end or undermine devolution.”

At this time there simply no room for division or distraction over the constitution

– Boris Johnson

He added: “As a former Mayor of London, I know how effective devolved powers can be, for example in making transport greener and in tackling crime; devolution should not be used by politicians as a wall to break an area of the UK away from the rest, it should be used as a step, to pass power down to local communities and businesses to make their lives better.

“It is this localism in which I believe and want to further, following the agreement made at the time of the Smith Commission in 2016 to not only devolve more powers to Edinburgh, which we have done, but devolve more powers from Edinburgh to the councils and communities across Scotland.


“However, at this time there simply no room for division or distraction over the constitution.

“In order for us to tackle the shared and common threat that is Covid-19, the focus separation must end – and for it to end, so must the division.

“So I would like to thank the Scottish Government for the way it has worked with the UK Government to try and tackle this virus over these past months and appeal to them to continue working with us, making use of the vaccine stocks, tests kits and new technology that come from being part of what is still one of the world’s leading scientific superpowers.

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