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Dalglish backs ‘health passport’ to bring back fans

Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish: ‘fans are number one priority’ (pic: SNS Group)

Former Scottish footballer Sir Kenny Dalglish has signed on with a cyber technology company behind moves to get supporters back into stadiums.

He has taken on the role of global sporting ambassador for football at VST Enterprises (VSTE) which has developed a secure digital health passport.

The V Health Passport is an app works alongside all Covid 19 testing kits. It also has its own unique contact tracing technology which is specifically designed for sports and football stadiums, music and theatre venues.

Sir Kenny has joined forces with Olympic equestrian silver medalist  Zara Tindall and her husband, the former England rugby captain and 2003 World Cup Winner Mike Tindall. 

The Manchester based cyber technology company which was founded by tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis


In his role as ambassador, the former Celtic, Liverpool and Scotland footballer will also raise the issue of all football players being subject to rapid Covid testing.

Sir Kenny undertook a Covid 19 rapid ‘antigen’ and rapid antibody test in Liverpool recently which was administered by CHB Medical.

The nasal swab Orient Gene /Healgen rapid ‘antigen’ test was administered first taking 15 minutes, followed by the finger prick Orient Gene rapid ‘antibody’ test which also took ten minutes to administer.

Both results showed Sir Kenny was negative on both tests and the results were then uploaded to his ‘test agnostic’ V-Health Passpor in under 30 seconds.

Commenting on the Orient Gene/Healgen rapid ‘antigen’ and rapid ‘antibody’ tests Dr Robert Hutchins, a London NHS Consultant said: “Rapid point of care Covid-19 testing is the most promising way to ensure a return to normal activity and an assurance that we capture infections and prevent further re infection.

“It would allow the public to return to their workplace environments, airline passengers being ‘fit to fly’ and more confident with the health status of their fellow passengers.

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“It would also allow sports to return safely and allow team selection with confidence. Fans would be able to potentially return to the stadiums having taken a test and uploaded their results into the secure VHealth Passport verifying their identity and test status.”

Sir Kenny said: “I was impressed to learn about what Louis-James and his team at VST Enterprises are trying to achieve with their ‘fans are back’ campaign and the V-Health Passport™ technology.

“Getting fans back into football stadiums safely is the number one priority for all football clubs across the UK and globally right now and for the future of the game.

“Without the fans there is no beautiful game, it’s a way of life to so many people, it’s tribal, it’s about a group of like-minded people who have a passion and who are proud of what their team represents.”

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