Green goals

Call for net-zero commission and Cabinet Secretary

Claire Mack

Claire Mack: recommendations (pic: Terry Murden)

The next Scottish Government should establish a net-zero energy commission and a dedicated Cabinet Secretary to steer the country on its transition to a greener future, according to industry body Scottish Renewables.

Launching its Manifesto for 2021’s Scottish Parliament election the industry body also wants an office of the Climate Change Committee which would provide expert, tailored advice for Scotland.

The document, A Brighter Future: Priorities for the next Scottish Government, sets out a number of key recommendations.

Claire Mack, chief executive of Scottish Renewables, said:“The challenges facing our economy and our environment have never seemed greater and this election is pivotal to the future direction of our nation.

“We already know that Scotland’s renewable energy industry is an incredible success story, providing 90% of our electricity and heating 387,000 of our homes.


“The economic potential is huge too, with every gigawatt that is installed 1,500 jobs are created and £133 million is added to our economy.

“The coronavirus pandemic provides an opportunity to reap these benefits and rewrite our approach to tackling climate change to ensure that renewable energy is at the heart of our economy.

“Our manifesto recommends that the next Scottish Government works with our industry to develop a Renewable Energy Economic Plan in which it should increase its 2030 renewable energy target from 50 to 60%.

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