New lockdown plan

Sturgeon calls for clarity on furlough extension

Boris Johnson: ‘We have to be humble’

Scotland’s First Minister is calling for early clarification on whether an extension to the furlough scheme, announced by the Prime Minister, will be applied in the same way to Scotland.

Boris Johnson put England back into lockdown for a month and said the furlough scheme will be extended for the period, rather than ending tomorrow as originally planned.

Universities and schools will remain open, as will construction sites. Elite sport will continue, but pubs, restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues, and non-essential shops must close.

These measures will not be extended to Scotland where a five-level shutdown regime comes into effect on Monday, although the Treasury said the furlough extension will apply to Scotland.

However, Ms Sturgeon said it was not clear if it would apply while lockdown restrictions were different in Scotland.

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