Clash ahead of report

SNP shifts blame for youth jobs crisis on to Westminster

Holyrood ministers are passing blame on to Westminster

SNP ministers have attempted to load all the blame on the UK Tory government for an imminent jobs crisis facing the younger generation.

Up to one million young people across the UK risk being plunged into hardship, according to a report to be published tomorrow.

It is expected to call on governments in Westminster and Edinburgh to take action.

But the SNP today said the crisis was a result of Covid-19 and the UK Government’s decision to scrap the furlough scheme in less than two weeks.

The SNP’s employment spokesman Chris Stephens MP said the report’s warning should be a “wake-up call” for the Tory government.

“The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating impact on the economy, jobs, businesses and people’s livelihoods. At this critical time, it is vital that the UK government strengthens support, rather than scrapping it,” he said.

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