New Covid clampdown

Scotland likely to see three-tier lockdown plan

pubs and bars

Pubs could face further restrictions

A three-tiered Covid alert system could be introduced in Scotland by the end of this month.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon intends to align Scotland as closely as possible with the rest of the UK.

A new system could be implemented to coincide with the end of the current restrictions on 25 October.

It could see local lockdowns in Covid hotspots similar to those being imposed in England.

Merseyside is the only place so far facing the “very high risk” tier-3 measures which means that from Wednesday 14 October pubs, bars, gyms, leisure centres, betting shops, adult gaming centres and casinos will close.

People in central Scotland are already under strict conditions introduced last Friday across five health board areas from coast to coast.


Speaking at her daily coronavirus briefing in Edinburgh on Monday Ms Sturgeon said the measures will go to the Scottish Parliament for approval after the October recess.

Ms Sturgeon said she held a crisis meeting on Monday with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, other leaders and regional mayors, to discuss the new alert system.

She said: “At a strategic level, we will be looking to align as closely as possible with the other UK nations – I think it is important and it makes sense to try and do that, though I would stress that operational decisions about what tiers may apply in which parts of our nations will be for each of us to take at a devolved level.

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