Sir Ian Wood attacks indy plan

Oil tycoon: SNP ‘adversarial and negative’

Sir Ian Wood: ‘system isn’t working’

The SNP government is failing the people of Scotland by being adversarial and negative towards the Scottish and UK governments working together, according to one of the country’s top business figures.

Oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood said the system isn’t working and that having another referendum on independence is “absolutely not” what the country should be doing at the present time.

In a sharp rebuke of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s party and pursuit of independence, Sir Ian told a television audience that the Scottish government is not focused on looking after the people, but is too focused on its goal of separation.

He said: “We had a referendum five years ago. It’s an incredibly important question and we absolutely should not be addressing it again.

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“What’s gone completely wrong in the past two or three years is that we’ve got a Scottish government who are generally adversarial and negative about a whole range of things that might happen with the UK and Scotland working together.

“And that’s what we should have. We don’t have a devolved government which is just looking at looking after Scotland at all. We’ve a devolved government who are focused on independence.

“What we need is a devolved government that will work with the UK government. I’ve got a list of six different things here which could happen, but right now are being held back because frankly the Scottish government’s position is they don’t really want any big help from UK government because somehow it will cut across their devolution rights.

One Comment to Oil tycoon: SNP ‘adversarial and negative’

  1. Sheer projection by Wood.

    He is projecting the adversarial nature of Westminster onto the SNP Government.

    Standard coping mechanism for people feeling threatened and coping badly with the pressure.

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