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McKee sets out Scots plan to retain investment lead

Ivan McKee

Ivan McKee: ‘building on our strengths’ (pic: Terry Murden)

A new plan was unveiled today to ensure Scotland retains its position as the UK’s top destination for inward investment outside London.

It has held that ranking for the past seven years and Scotland’s minister for trade, investment and innovation Ivan McKee outlined new ‘targeted’ measures to attract jobs.

Nine areas of opportunity have been identified: energy transition, decarbonisation of transport, food and drink innovation, software and IT, digital financial services, digital business services, space, health technology and the transformation of chemical industries.

Mr McKee said priority will be given to investors who can build local supply chains, provide new skills and invest in research. There will be an emphasis on the creation of regional clusters to encourage the spread of investment across Scotland.

The Scottish Government will aims to allocate up to £20 million a year to back the plan in the belief that it has the potential to increase GDP by £4.2 billion, boost exports by £2.1 billion over the next two decades and add up to £680 million a year to government revenues.

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