PM seeking 'balance'

Johnson warns of ‘bumpy ride’ until Christmas

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: ‘need for balanced approach’

Boris Johnson today warned it may be “bumpy through to Christmas” and beyond as the UK deals with coronavirus.

He said it was important to strike the right balance between saving lives and protecting the economy.

“That’s why we have got the package of measures now that are in force both nationally and locally,” he said in a television interview.

“What we want people to do is behave fearlessly but with common sense, to follow the guidance – whether national or local – get the virus down but allow us as a country to continue with our priorities.’

He said he believed the science would ‘change’ in the coming months which would allow the Government and the country to alter its approach to dealing with Covid-19.

He said: “What I hope, and I believe very strongly, is that in the course of the next weeks and months, the scientific equation will change and we will start to see progress, whether it is on vaccines or on testing, that will enable us to take a different approach.

“But for the moment, that is the balance that people have to adopt, that is the line we have to follow.

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