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Scots retailer expands

Geek Retreat to open 100 gaming stores

Peter Dobson: Customers can play safely

Scottish retailer Geek Retreat, a place to play games and meet friends, is planning to open 100 stores over the next two years as its mix of “all things geeky” proves a rare retail winner.

It stocks merchandise such as comics, posters, clothing, figures and memorabilia as well as games and trading cards.

It specialises in various cult brands such as Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

The business, which was founded in Glasgow in 2017, is aiming to open five stores per month from the beginning of next year. It says its expansion plan will create 600 jobs.

Boss Peter Dobson said: “During the pandemic, while our gaming events have had to stop and the hospitality side of our business is more difficult, out stores still have loyal communities who support our retail side.

“We have made sure all our stores are welcoming and accessible to gamers whatever their interests, providing a place for our loyal customers to get out of the house and play safely post-lockdown.”

The company is benefiting from the growth of the wider games and hobby sector which is valued at £8bn a year in the UK and predicted to expand by 3% in 2020.

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