£60m loss looms

Flat fee for airport pick-up and drop-off


There is a new taxi rank

Edinburgh Airport will bring in a new charging regime for dropping off and picking up passengers as it faces a loss of £60 million.

It will introduce a £4 flat-fee for its drop-off £2 more) and pick-up (£1 less) areas and double drop-off time to 10 minutes.

There will be a discount of £2 for people with electric cars and a discount scheme for households in neighbouring areas. The free drop-off zone, temporarily moves to Mid-Stay.

A new £7 million East Terminus facility provides a dedicated area for taxis and private-hire cars.

The changes will come into effect from 9 November and will be supported by new signage in the area and social media activity.


Feedback has been an important driver of these changes, but the “difficult decision” to make the changes has also been influenced by the severe impact of Covid-19 on the airport and the extremely challenging business conditions it finds itself in.

The airport says that with passenger numbers down 91% on last year and not expected to recover until 2022 at the earliest, a crucial part of the recovery will be remaining competitive to attract airlines and routes – and save as many jobs as possible.

The changes being introduced will increase revenue and assist the airport in finding a balance to remain competitive to deliver and preserve connectivity to and from Scotland.

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