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3Finery’s ‘reality tech’ close to market launch

A newly-launched Edinburgh Napier spin-out, which has taken augmented reality to the next stage by bringing objects to life on mobile devices, is close to getting the product to market.

3Finery’s intermediated reality technology has received cash injections from the ICURe programme and Innovate UK and has been showcased at international conferences and trade shows.

Its twist on traditional augmented reality was developed at Napier’s School of Computing over a three-year period by Professor Kenny Mitchell and his former PhD student Dr Llogari Casas.

Now the start-up is looking to grow its team in readiness for the final push to get the product market-ready.

Co-founder Mr Casas said: “The technology provides a novel way of interacting with products both around you and far away, and can be easily integrated with existing software, offering unique interactive experiences.

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“It is very exciting to have got the project to this stage, with the backing of the University, and we are now looking to press on with commercialisation.”

Augmented Reality allows brands to create fun interactive experiences for their customers with a few taps on their mobile phone, but the 3FINERY technology goes a step further than competitors, who use AR to overlay content on the screen, and can bring any desired object to life remotely and realistically.

Intermediated Reality was developed by Llogari and Kenny through an EU Horizon 2020 project entitled ‘DISTRO’.  3FINERY enables play and collaboration via remote channeling of voice and motion through objects that come to life in mobile Augmented Reality.

Llogari Casas of 3Finery

Llogari Casas: a novel way of interacting

The ICURe programme – Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research – made a grant of £45,000 to support six months of intensive market assessment and engagement with prospective customers, suppliers, partners and regulators to test the project’s commercial potential.

3FINERY raised a further £150,000 to develop the product for the market by winning a highly competitive Innovate UK funding competition.

Fiona Mason, head of business engagement and IP commercialisation at Edinburgh Napier, said: “3FINERY is a really exciting new technology emerging from our School of Computing.

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