Public anger over mixed messages

Tories in disarray over airport testing demands

Glasgow Airporrt and face coverings

Airports are facing severe pressures due to restrictions

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was at loggerheads today with a senior Tory MP and the Scottish Tory transport spokesman over calls to test passengers for coronavirus at airports.

Mr Johnson said testing travellers on arrival would give a “false sense of security” and would only identify 7% of virus cases.

But former Brexit Secretary David Davis said testing could cut quarantine times to “less than five days” and Tory MSP Graham Simpson supported Scottish airport bosses calling for testing to be introduced.

The conflicting views came as exasperated travellers criticised the four nations for sowing confusion by sending mixed messages on quarantine rules.

Mr Johnson rejected Mr Davis’s comments, saying: “The quarantine system that we have has got to be an important part of our repertoire, of our toolbox, in fighting Covid.”

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The Prime Minister said that while he understood “the difficulties” the airline industry was facing, “93% of the time you could have a real false sense of security, a false sense of confidence when you arrive and take a test”.

Mr Simpson said that over the last 24 hours he had held discussions with senior management teams at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen airports and called for urgent action from the SNP government to resolve a looming crisis.

“Scotland’s airports have told me clearly that the Scottish Government must agree a passenger testing regime immediately,” he said. “They cannot wait any longer. Even the threat of quarantine is stopping people from flying.

“Thousands of jobs are already under threat. The airline industry is at risk of collapse and the SNP Government must get round the table with airport bosses and tell them how they intend to stop the situation spiralling any further.”

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