Crown Estate writedown

The Queen sees £552m wiped from property portfolio

Properties owned the monarch suffered in the pandemic

The Queen has seen more than half a billion wiped from the value of her properties because of the coronavirus.

New figures show the Crown Estate, which manages the monarch’s properties, revealed that it had downgraded the value of its portfolio to £13.4bn, a fall of 1.2%.

This is mostly as a result of a £552.5m (17%) write down of its regional portfolio due to the challenging retail market, including falling rental values.

The Queen owns properties in city centres as well as retail parks and the rights to seabeds around the British Isles.

Dan Labbad, chief executive of The Crown Estate, said many of the organisation’s real estate markets were already “facing long term structural challenges which have now been accelerated as a result of COVID-19”.

One Comment to The Queen sees £552m wiped from property portfolio

  1. “…a fall of 1.2%….” which is less than the average daily fluctuation on any well balanced portfolio. Challenges? Wot challenges?

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