Solar farm plan

ScottishPower hydrogen to fuel buses and trains

Whitelee wind farm

The solar farm will be built close to Whitelee wind farm

ScottishPower is to use the clean electricity generated by a major new solar farm near Glasgow to help produce hydrogen to run buses, ferries and even trains.

It is part of a pioneering partnership to develop the UK’s fledgling hydrogen industry.

The company’s renewables business will work alongside those specialising in producing and distributing the zero-carbon gas. Hydrogen is expected to play a major role in helping the UK to meet its climate targets.

ScottishPower will run an electrolyser, owned by its project partner ITM Power, which will split water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Also in the partnership is BOC, which specialises in compressing and distributing gases and will help transport the hydrogen gas to councils, factories and transport depots across the country.

Lindsay McQuade, the head of renewables at ScottishPower, told The Guardian: “Green hydrogen is something that everyone is talking about, but we wanted to do something about it. This is a pioneering partnership which brings together skills from all the companies involved.”

The hydrogen gas can be used in place of methane-rich North Sea gas to run power plants, heavy machinery and transport vehicles without adding to the greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating the climate crisis.

ScottishPower’s first project will be based near a new solar farm that it plans to build near the site of the largest onshore windfarm in the UK: Whitelee, south of Glasgow.

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