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Five-day event

Scottish International Week embraces global ambitions

SBN’s Russell Dalgleish and Christine Esson (pic: Terry Murden)

More than 500 delegates from around the world have signed up for the fourth annual Scottish International Week (#SIW20) taking place until 2 October.

The five-day online event, supported by media partner Daily Business, includes more than 50 speaker and panel sessions, together with masterclasses and interviews.

They are being beamed to an audience in 22 countries from a number of international locations including Atlanta, Brisbane, Chicago, New York, Salt Lake City, San Jose, San Paulo, London and Washington.

Among the key participants are:

  • Ivan McKee
  • Don Riddell – Edinburgh-born CNN Sports anchor joins from Atlanta
  • Andy Foote – Originally from Dundee, internationally recognised Linkedin expert joins from Chicago
  • Gail Boag, Dean of Edinburgh University Business School
  • John Abel – Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google
  • Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO, ScotlandIS
  • Ian Houston, SBN ambassador in Washington

Events will cover a range of sectors including bioscience, education, entrepreneurialism, exporting, innovation, media, space, sport, technology and tourism.

Key events:

  • Examination of the unique opportunities for Scotland in the space sector
  • A look at how London can still be a ripe vein for Scottish companies even at this time
  • Insights from around the world on how Scots are perceived and can secure new market entry opportunities
  • A look at CivTech and the success this has generated for Scotland.

SBN chairman Russell Dalgleish stated: “These are the most challenging of times for those in our country but what we hope to achieve is to show there is support around the world for Scottish business and we must now seize this.”

SBN CEO Christine Esson added: “I am stunned by the support and interest we have received from around the world for this event. The world is coming to Scotland and I hope to see the Scottish business community take advantage of this opportunity.”

Full schedule of events:

Full line-up of speakers:


For further information please direct questions to Kendra Byers, Tel. 07899 931 452,

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