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Unease over rise

Radio 2’s Ball volunteers pay cut to BBC bosses

Zoe Ball: ‘uncomfortable’ (pic: BBC)

BBC presenter Zoe Ball has asked the BBC to cut her pay because she feels “uncomfortable” about receiving a £1 million pay rise.

The Radio Two Breakfast Show host saw her salary rocket to £1.36m a year in 2019 when she replaced Chris Evans.

Her new pay package made her the BBC’s top earner after Match of the Day host Gary Lineker agreed to take a 23% pay cut as part of a new five year deal with the corporation. 

A BBC source told The Sun: ‘Zoe was given a very big pay rise when she took on the job because the gender pay row at the BBC was raging and she was replacing a man on a big wage in a high-profile job.

“But in the current climate, and during a pandemic, she has felt increasingly uncomfortable about how much she earns so has requested that it is reduced.”

Her pay rise attracted criticism when it was revealed she had attracted the lowest number of listeners to the show in a decade.

Figures, released last October, showed the audience numbers dropped by almost a million, to 7.9 million, compared with the 8.82 million weekly listeners that Chris Evans had in the same period a year earlier.

The offer by Ball and Lineker to cut their salaries contradicts the BBC’s insistence that it must pay top rates to retain the best talent.

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