£317m RAF deal

Radar deal secures 300 jobs at Leonardo in Edinburgh


Jobs safeguarded by RAF contract

A £317m contract to produce radars for Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets will secure 300 jobs at Leonardo in Edinburgh.

The Italy-based company and BAE Systems said the new technology will replace mechanically-scanning radars.

The companies said the contract will sustain more than 600 highly-skilled jobs in the UK, of which more than half are at the Crewe Toll site in Edinburgh.

One hundred warfare specialists will safeguarded at the company’s Luton site and 120 engineers at BAE Systems’ Lancashire plant.

The radars, which are also defined as European Common Radar System Mark 2, will give Typhoon planes electronic warfare capability in addition to traditional radar functions, the companies said.

The announcement comes weeks after trilateral discussions began in order to “strengthen collaboration” between the UK, Sweden and Italy, in an attempt to develop “world-leading” future combat air capability.

Aside from BAE Systems and Leonardo, the collaboration will involve Rolls-Royce and Saab.

“The new trilateral framework sees industry from the three nations bringing together their skills and expertise in the combat air sector to collaborate on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies,” the trio said in a joint statement in July.

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