Protestors gather

Lockdown protest in Edinburgh draws criticism

Jason Leitch: ‘I don’t understand it’

Hundreds of protesters opposed to Covid-19 restrictions held a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament.

They carried flags and placards claiming the lockdown was causing “more harm than the virus” and that Scots should say “no to mandatory vaccines and masks.”

Scotland’s national clinical director, Prof Jason Leitch described the protesters as “deeply irresponsible”.

Police Scotland said officers had provided a “proportionate response” and no arrests had been made.

Protest outside parliament

The demonstration in Edinburgh was held as new figures revealed almost a thousand people tested positive for the virus this week in Scotland, almost double the 507 new cases in the previous week. A KFC in Glasgow has been closed after staff tested positive.

In England, immediate restrictions have been imposed on Bolton, while Leeds, Middlesbrough, Corby and Kettering are on a ‘watch list’. France has recorded its highest daily infection rate.

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New data also shows that the highest rates of infection are now among young people. The figures are revealed as students prepare to return to universities.

Responding to the Edinburgh protest, an exasperated Mr Leitch said: “I honestly do not understand it. I think it is irresponsible – do they think we’re making it up?

“I would love to have not lived through the last six months, both in my job and what we have had to do to our country and many others.

“I think it is deeply irresponsible.”

One Comment to Lockdown protest in Edinburgh draws criticism

  1. The closure of the Scottish economy is the real “deeply irresponsible” action – one that is continually promoted by Jason Leitch as being the only solution to our problems. As for his assertion that peaceful demonstration is now somehow illegal, Mr Leitch needs to make his mind up if he is a clinical director or a fascist.

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