Enquiries rise

Covid and unrest prompt relocation to Scotland

Trouble in Hong Kong has unsettled many residents

Scotland is becoming an attractive location for families and business clients concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and trouble in overseas territories.

A Scottish law firm says it is seeing “a significant increase in interest from international families looking to relocate to Scotland and the wider UK.”

Jacqueline Moore, head of immigration at Shepherd and Wedderburn, said: “The UK Government’s new Hong Kong British National (Overseas) visa and the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted many people to take stock and reconsider where they want to build a life with their family.”

Ms Moore is one of two lawyers at Shepherd and Wedderburn heading up a an International Families Group in response to a surge in demand for legal advice from overseas clients wishing to relocate to the UK.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the group has also supported a number of international businesses and individuals with multinational remote working arrangements.

It expects to see increased demand for similar flexibility in industries where remote working is a realistic and attractive alternative to relocation.

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