Claims of politicking

BBC switches off Sturgeon’s live daily briefings

Nicola Sturgeon

On message: Nicola Sturgeon is accused of politicking

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today declared her daily briefings to be “more important than ever” as the BBC announced it would restrict the number of live broadcasts.

At today’s briefing she said the decision by the BBC is a “matter for the BBC”, but made the point that as a public service broadcaster it reaches people in the community who may not be familiar with the internet, or may suffer from a disability.

“They have been important in allowing me to communicate information and advice directly, and giving us the opportunity to explain the reasoning and rationale behind the decisions we are taking and the things we are asking people to do.

“I’ve always thought the more people can understand why they are being asked to restrict their lives in certain ways, the more likely it is they are going to comply. I think that principle has generally served Scotland well in the last few months.”

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She continued: “We are clearly at a point where the virus is accelerating again as we go into winter. So it becomes more important, not less important to continue that very direct communication.”

She insisted she has tried not to use them to push political points, but admitted she is not infallible.

The BBC said it will continue to stream them online but will only show them live on television for key updates.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said the decision was “a matter for regret”.

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