Cosmetic surgery facility

Baird submits plan for Cosmedicare hospital

Gill Baird: ‘part of a vision’ (pic: Terry Murden)

Cosmedicare UK founder Gill Baird has moved a step closer to opening her own cosmetic surgery hospital.

The St Ellen’s Hospital is planned for the Kirkton Campus in Livingston and will be housed in a 12,443 sq ft single storey pavilion building.

Ms Baird, who currently operates from the Gyle Business Park in Edinburgh, has submitted plans for the facility on a 3.57 acre plot with 62 parking spaces. 

The hospital will provide procedures ranging from breast reconstruction, facial rejuvenation, gender reassignment and more invasive operations as well as cancer excisions, aesthetics, lumps, cysts and burns treatments.

Cosmedicare was founded in 2016 by the Glasgow-born businesswoman who revealed her plans to build a hospital in an interview with Daily Business in February last year.

The pavilion will house the new hospital

Speaking about the latest plan, she said: “The development of a revolutionary day case hospital has always been the end goal for Cosmedicare, as part of a vision to create a simultaneously patient and practitioner-focused facility. There is no other hospital like this in Scotland.

“We have been working on plans for some time, but for this to become a reality we needed to source the right facility, in the best location, which combines, space, accessibility and the ambiance in setting – all of which have been achieved with our plans for Garbett Road in Livingston. 

“Having managed both NHS and private clinic facilities in the past, I recognised a gap in the market for a facility which offers all the benefits of a conventional day-case hospital combined with the comforts of a holistic approach to healthcare.

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