Law firm launched

Aberdein plans ‘biggest shake-up’ of legal sector

Rob Aberdein: ‘we are not just launching a law firm’

A former Aberdein Considine lawyer is launching his own legal practice promising “the biggest shake up in the Scottish legal scene in decades”.

Aberdeins will be led by Rob Aberdein, who oversaw significant growth for Aberdein Considine before becoming the youngest ever equity partner at English legal powerhouse, Walker Morris.

He is taking an aggressive approach to bringing about change and is already considering acquisitions in professional services areas, including estate agency, property letting, accountancy and financial services.

Aberdeins will be chaired by Tom Barrie, the former MD and owner of Currie European. 


Mr Aberdein, 40, said: “The Aberdeins name will become an umbrella for a wide range of professional services, done differently.

“At its core will be legal services, but we are not just launching a law firm, we are about to deliver the biggest shake up to the Scottish legal scene in decades. 

“The sector is awash in traditional firms that are top-heavy with partners whose main focus is on maintaining their income, while the work is often delivered by overworked junior staff. A generation of young lawyers no longer find this attractive.

Our intention is to be disruptive and we know that won’t make us popular with everyone.

– Rob Aberdein

“That’s before you even talk about the clients, who feel almost constant resentment at the perceived arrogance, lack of responsiveness and value for money they get from their legal firms. Many sectors of the profession have an image problem.

“Make no mistake, our intention is to be disruptive and we know that won’t make us popular with everyone. But this is long overdue. Others who promised change have ended up turning into exactly the kind of firm they set out to displace. That won’t happen with Aberdeins.”

He says timing is ideal to use technology to meet the changing demands of ordinary people and small businesses across law and other professional services, to “reflect the 2020s, not the 1950s”. 

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