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Swinney issues pledge to fix school grades fiasco

John Swinney delivers Budget

John Swinney: ‘I have heard the anger’

Scotland’s Education Secretary John Swinney is to announce on Tuesday how he will address the furious backlash over grade moderation for school pupils.

Grades predicted by teachers for exams cancelled because of the coronavirus were moderated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) using the past performance of schools.

This saw those in the most deprived zones being downgraded by 15.2% compared with just 6.9% in the wealthiest areas.

Pupils, parents, teachers and opposition politicians have been united in condemning the process. Some pupils staged a demonstration on Friday amid calls for a rethink.

In a statement on Sunday, Mr Swinney said: “I have heard the anger of students who feel their hard work has been taken away from them and I am determined to address it.

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“These are unprecedented times and as we have said throughout this pandemic, we will not get everything right first time. 

“Every student deserves a grade that reflects the work they have done, and that is what I want to achieve.

“I have been engaged in detailed discussions over the way forward and I know that we need to act and act quickly to give certainty to our young people.

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