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Scots-based firms develop Covid screening app

Joining forces: Mark Rushton and Arrash Nekonam

Two Aberdeen-based firms have joined forces to launch a mobile screening app for businesses to monitor employees for symptoms of COVID-19.

The Tracepass app has been developed by software firm Insiso in partnership with problem-solving company, STC Global, drawing on their respective expertise in the fields of digital technology and training and safety. The firms have jointly invested an initial £50,000 creating the screening platform and bringing it to market.

The app requires users to answer a series of straightforward multiple-choice questions – which can be customised by individual businesses – to determine whether they are displaying any of the common symptoms of the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis.

The data is then fed back to a central response team who will identify any trends, analyse and act quickly where needed to protect the workforce and contain the spread of infection.

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While it is fully configurable to the requirements of any specific business or sector, Tracepass, will enable larger firms with a broader geographical spread – either nationally or internationally – to screen employees in a consistent and standard format.

The designers claim the data collected is therefore reliable, and when collated for analysis at a central point, enables companies to react within minutes rather than days.

The system traces contacts who may have been exposed to the virus, notifying them using standard Exposure Notification APIs for both Apple and Android smartphones.

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