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Fares due to rise

Rail hike may be delayed to lure back commuters

Glasgow station and ScotRail

Prices are due to rise in January (pic: Terry Murden)

Rail commuters may be saved a 1.6% increase in season ticket prices in a bid to lure passengers back on to the network.

If the latest hike goes ahead an Edinburgh-Glasgow annual season ticket will rise £67 to £4,267.

Rail fares are usually increased every January, although there is speculation ministers are considering delaying the 2021 rise due to low passenger numbers.

The UK, Scottish and Welsh governments regulate rises for around half of fares, including season tickets on most commuter routes, some off-peak return tickets on long-distance journeys and tickets for travel around major cities at any time.

Backbench MPs have warned that a price hike would “contradict” the UK Government’s “back to work” message.

Just a third of white collar workers have returned to the office and there has been a 23% drop in rail users since March.

Scottish Labour transport spokesperson Colin Smyth said: “This latest rip off rail fare rise is unwanted, unwelcome and unnecessary and will hit thousands of working people who use Scotland’s railways.”

Other proposed season ticket increases:

  • Lockerbie to Edinburgh up £70 to £4,470
  • Elgin to Inverness up £49 to £3,129
  • Dumfries to Glasgow up £74 to £4,674
  • Perth to Dundee up £31 to £1,987
  • Glasgow to Dundee up £92 to £5,872
  • Ayr to Glasgow up £42 to £2,646
  • Tweedbank to Edinburgh up £35 to £2,947

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