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Gove hints at Scots living across UK getting indyref vote

Michael Gove

Michael Gove: sparked indyref talk

Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove has ramped up the prospects of a second independence referendum after suggesting Scots living in the rest of the UK might get a vote.

He described the idea by former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway as “interesting”, prompting speculation that he was softening on calls for a poll.

But some nationalists claim it is a way of garnering pro-union Scots to reject independence. Angus Robertson, the SNP’s former Westminster chief, said that with polls showing a majority in favour of independence the idea of changing the electorate “looks desperate and undemocratic.”

Scottish Government constitution minister Michael Russell said unionists were already trying to “nobble the question” on any ballot paper.

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The arguments began when Mr Galloway claimed on social media: “I’ll tell you this, if there’s to be a second IndyRef, then 795,000 Scots living elsewhere in the UK must have a vote.”

Mr Galloway, who is currently leading the anti-independence Alliance for Unity party, added: “If UK expats can vote in general elections from Spain then an existential question like Separatism must be answered by all Scots.”

Mr Gove responded: “Interesting question.”

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