MSP not seeking re-election

Tomkins quitting Holyrood to return to university

Adam Tomkins

Leaving: Adam Tomkins returns to university life

Adam Tomkins, Scottish Conservative MSP for the Glasgow region, has announced that he will not be seeking re-election at the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election.

Mr Tomkins was elected in 2016 and will return full-time to his role as the John Millar Professor of Public Law at the University of Glasgow.

He said that serving as one of our party’s elected representatives for Glasgow has been an “enormous privilege” and leaving the Scottish Parliament in 2021 “will be a wrench”.

He explained: “I am not leaving the Parliament for political reasons. I wish Jackson and his team every success.

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“My reasons are personal, to do with the work I want to pursue in the coming years and to do with the kind of father I aspire to be to my four children.

“I know that I will be stepping down in circumstances where the party is so much stronger than it was five years ago.

“Crucially, however, we have a momentous election in only nine months’ time. Between now and then we must all work tirelessly to ensure that we return and elect the highest possible number of Conservative candidates, not only in Glasgow, but right across the country.”

Adam has been an invaluable source of energy and intellect, compassion and humour

– Jackson Carlaw

Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative leader said: “I would like to thank Adam both for his personal support and advice, and also for the immense contribution he has made to the Scottish Conservative parliamentary group and the party as a whole.

“Adam has been an invaluable source of energy and intellect, compassion and humour.

“While Adam has made important interventions on the union, his work on social deprivation, drug addiction and live music in Glasgow truly demonstrate the breadth of his interests and capability. We will all miss him and we wish him well.”

He joins a number of MSPs who have declared they will not stand for re-election, including SNP frontbenchers Michael Russell and Aileen Campbell, and Labour’s education spokesman, Iain Gray.

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